Sneak Peek of our Kitchen

I am planning to post pictures of the interior of our Estate. We are continuing with our spring cleaning and painting.  It is taking much longer than I anticipated!

In the meantime, I wanted to give you a quick look at our Kitchen.  Matthew (21) painted the walls and Mister did the cabinets.   These men are very sweet and kind to paint the kitchen in pretty spring colors, since that was what I wanted!  It is a purple kitchen.  I have a new lamp on the counter.  You can see my radio over near the window, where I listen to the old time gospel music, or of old time sermons.  I also added a grape colored carpet for in front of the sink. (The carpet was not available for the photograph. - gentle smiles.)

This picture was taken just days before our newest grandbaby was born.  This new little baby girl is a joy to our hearts.  Of course, her grand arrival here at our Vermont Estate has slowed down the work.

A full tour is forthcoming.

Mrs. White

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