Mister is Not Able to Work

Visiting by the back fence at Mrs White's Vermont Estate

A couple of months ago, Mister was in an accident.  He has not been able to work.  He is under medical care and must spend time in convalescence.  We are now living on a smaller, fixed income.  This has been a shocking change in our lives.  I have been so used to my husband as the provider and protector of our home. And now I am taking care of him.

For the first month I went with him to all of his doctor appointments.  I would bring one of my favorite books, Dombey and Son by Dickens, and would read in the waiting room.  I did all the shopping and driving.  Back at home, I would sit with him and just try to keep him calm.  He didn't like what was happening to him. He wanted to work and to be okay.   He would sit by the front window, cane beside him, and look out at the front landscape of our property and wish he could do the labor of caring for the grounds.  This had always been his job and he loved it.  It was hard to see the yard look so neglected and him feeling helpless.  One of our boys has taken over this job.

Slowly, we are learning how to cope from day to day.   We enjoy our little car trips to the doctors.  Then we come home and rest while Mister has his coffee.  I will go outside for my daily walk about the grounds to see the wildflowers growing by the barn, or to look at the river at the back border.  I tell him all about my "adventures."  Then it is time for us both to rest.

We read the Bible together and pray each day.  We know he will heal and things will get back to normal again.  For now, it feels like we are feeble and elderly, living a quiet life with physical suffering.  But there is great peace and faith in our souls.

This is the cup we have been given.  We will gladly drink it.   

In the midst of all this, we find time to laugh, to dream, and to enjoy our children and grandchildren. Life has to go on, no matter what else may come.   I have become stronger with more endurance because of all the extra work I must do here at home.  This morning, I put on my apron and opened all the windows. The birds are singing a sweet melody in the front garden.  I am going to make tea and have a homemade blueberry muffin.  Soon it will be time for homeschool with my teenager. Then I will talk to my older children on the telephone.  I will visit with the grandbabies and delight in their presence.  But most of all, I will take care of Mister, here at home, where I will always be. 

Mrs. White

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