An Afternoon Drive in the Vermont Countryside
Visiting by the back fence at Mrs White's Vermont Estate

Early this morning, I heard the church bells ring in our village.  I was sitting in the back parlour with my blanket, tea, and a book.  I thought of my neighbors on their way to our little church and smiled.  If I had the strength and the energy, I would have gone to the service as well.

I spent most of the day resting.  I managed to do some kitchen work and a little reading.  Mister and I were too tired to make our supper so I asked if he wanted to take a drive to the market.  Our boys had already gone to work for the night.  There was nobody home to help us.   A peaceful drive in the country would be just the thing to cheer us.

Even though it is "summer," there is a chill here in the rural mountains of Vermont. I often take a little blanket with me for our car trips.  It always makes Mister smile. He does not understand some of my peculiar ways. (For instance, he has never heard of washing a dustpan after use, but it is one of the essentials in my housekeeping. - gentle smiles.)

It is lovely to sit in the passenger seat while Mister drives because I can look around at the scenic mountain views as we go along into the next town.  There was not much traffic today.  The stores were fairly quiet. 

I bought some fresh spinach, a watermelon, and a package of miniature cookies.  One of the grandchildren should be here tomorrow and I want to make sure she has some special treats. Sometimes I make her lunch, putting it in a brown lunch bag just for fun.  I also like to give her a little cup of fresh fruit.

After the market, we went to a fast food restaurant to get Mister a hamburger from the drive through window.  This is something we rarely ever do. I wanted him to have a special treat to cheer him during this time of his physical suffering and confinement.  He tries to order something for me, even though I do not eat much and would rather just have a salad at home.  So to make him happy, I let him buy me a small French fry.

The drive home was quiet and pleasant.  Storm clouds were darkening in the sky.  Rain started to fall.  The setting sun shone a beautiful glow onto the bright green grass and through the pretty trees.  As we drove into our driveway, we were happy to be home.  Mister and I are very patient during our trial and are grateful for our little drives in the countryside. 

Mrs. White

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