Puttering Around the Estate

Visiting by the back fence at Mrs White's Vermont Estate

I am called away from home many times during the week.  There are appointments to keep and essential visits to make.  I have also been industrious in the kitchen, baking muffins most mornings.  Since blueberries are in season, it doesn't cost much to make fresh blueberry muffins. I have also made banana muffins and chocolate chip.  This is a nice, filling breakfast food to delight the family.

The other afternoon, my oldest grandchild (almost 3) came into the kitchen asking for cookies.  I told him "there are no cookies here."  But I gave him a cup of juice and a portion of a muffin.  He smiled and was content.  I remembered when he was just a 9 month old baby. I would take him for walks in my gardens and show him the flowers and the strawberry patch. I would tell him all about the land. He would look at me content, and he would sigh and then hug me.  This was the same happiness he showed when I gave him the refreshments the other day. So very precious.

Since Mister is recovering from his accident, I am by his side almost always.  But it happened that I was needed elsewhere. There was a crisis and I had to go out.   Mister wanted me to go help another family and said it was good.  Then I thanked him for allowing me to help someone else, because I knew it was a great sacrifice for him to be without me during his difficult time. (Our teenage son would remain at home with him.)

Soon the crisis was over and I was home.  Mister and I had appointments the next morning and there was a visit to make.  By the time we came home I was shaky and worn out.  I rested for a little while and then recovered my strength. There was sweet kitchen work to do in my purple kitchen with the old southern gospel playing on the radio.  The dishes seemed to wash themselves and I happily worked.

Then it was time for a walk around the grounds. I picked fresh and colorful wildflowers for a little white vase on the kitchen window-sill.  I checked my strawberry patch, and looked at the rushing river at the back border of the Estate.

The day seemed to pass so quickly, as many days do when we are in our older years. I walked through many of the rooms in the house until I settled myself in the little back parlour to read "Great Expectations." I was having such fun resting with this great work of literature that when my teenage son entered for a visit, I had to explain portions to him, and suffered him to listen to me read several pages of this 1800's novel.  We had a lovely time, but soon it was back to domestic duty and checking on Mister.

Many days will come when I will be called away from the Estate to help others.  When I return home, I will always delight in the little home tasks as I putter around the Estate.

Mrs. White

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