The Little Back Parlour
Visiting by the back fence at Mrs White's Vermont Estate

I have a little room off in the back of the house.  There is a small sofa in there where I sit with an afghan.  This is where I like to take my housekeeping breaks. This room has a bookcase full of good Christian literature, a basket of sermons on C.D., and my old Bible and hymn book.  I keep a small table beside the couch to hold my tea.  There is a window with a white lace curtain which flows in the breeze.  I can hear the rushing sound of the river at the edge of the property. It is a peaceful and quiet retreat.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the "excitement" and "rush" of the world around me.  We are shown so many ideas of things to do with our time, or things to buy, or entertainment to take us away from it all, that it can weary the soul.  This is why I like the little back parlour.

I recently came across a couple of charming books by an author I have never heard of before. Her name is Grace Livingston Hill.

The first book I read was published in 1929, "The Prodigal Girl."  It was about a father who came home from work one day realizing that his children were out of control.  They were selfish, rebellious, and ungrateful.  The neighborhood youth were running wild, and the  schools were teaching things that were breaking up families.  The parents took their children out of the schools, packed up the family and went to stay in the old home place in rural Vermont.  It was lovely to see them cope without the luxuries of "city life."  But the best part of the story was the theme of godliness and redemption that came so sweetly through.

The second book I read was even better. It is called "All Through the Night," about how the Lord is with us through dark times (the night) and joy comes in the morning.  The main character was a godly young woman who has to welcome contrary relatives into her home.  They are unbearably rude and difficult to live with.  She does an amazing job as their hostess, knowing that her aim in life is not just her own comfort and happiness, but the leading of others to the Lord.  Her patience, kindness and long-suffering was an incredible lesson. The story was very peaceful, despite all the trouble the relatives caused. It was a delight to read.

These types of books are so hard to find. But I love to read old books like this, which have a beautiful Christian message.  This is what I do in the little back parlour. Then I am ready to get back up and minister to my own family.

Mrs. White

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