All These Accomplishments

Pretty pink flowers in our Parlour

We have all heard of supermoms who have perfect homes and perfect families.  They are "accomplished," which means they have many skills. In the old days, this would include the ability to play the piano, paint, and sing.  Today, it is more common for an "accomplished" person to be crafty, a designer, a gourmet cook and other such modern skills.

Yet, there is something very basic and simple about just accomplishing beautiful things at home. These simple things include doing the laundry, keeping the kitchen clean, making pleasant meals, and being hospitable.

I prefer the simple accomplishments. 

These days, it is an amazing feat just to do the basics of homemaking.  It is also very difficult when one has a large family, or when one is feeling ill.  Sometimes, I do a little baking in the morning, and then I dust and vacuum.  I might get some of the laundry started before making lunch.  When my grandbabies are here, I am very busy reading to them, playing with them, and making their snacks and meals. I am delighted with these types of accomplishments!

Still, I have to take many breaks.  Accomplishing things is tiring.  The breaks are necessary.  We need to pace ourselves. Even still, there is a special secret to doing great things in the home.

 I once read about this little girl who said that when she was holding her grandfather's hand, she could run much faster than she could alone.  She was able to do so much more when her grandfather was with her.   There was an analogy that this also applies to our Heavenly father.  We can only do so much alone.  But when we walk close to the Lord, leaning on Him, working with (and for) Him, we can accomplish great and mighty things.

Mrs. White

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