Thrifty Elegance

"Dickens Series" plate in Mrs. White's home

Over the summer, Mister and I came across a beautiful plate.  It was made in England.  At the time, I had been reading through "Dombey and Son" by Charles Dickens, and was drawn to the lovely blue and white artwork depicting an 1800's British scene.  The plate didn't cost very much, at just a few dollars. Mister encouraged me to buy it. I was delighted. It now sits in a decorative holder in our chambers.

Throughout the years, we have been given pretty things to decorate.  Our home has been furnished and designed in an old fashioned way:  Here a little and there a little.  At times I will wait years before I find just the right item which might go on one of the walls, or perhaps we wait to find the right curtain for a single window in one of the little rooms. (As an example - our bedroom curtains cost only $4 each and are unique in a sheer tan color, bordered with lace.) These are fun and exciting ways to create a charming place to live.  It also encourages great patience and gratefulness when we wait to find our treasures.

There is a style, or way of life, called thrifty elegance.  It costs very little, sometimes a few dollars. At other times it costs nothing (in the form of hand-me-downs from relatives and friends).  We accept just what we need so that our home is not overly crowed with "things."  It is a simple, yet pretty way of life to add touches of charm.

This sort of elegance can also come from our manners and our dignity.  When we live on a small, fixed income, we can do it with grace and confidence, knowing we use our hard work and abilities to keep a neat and tidy home.  We can serve our meals in a classy way.  How many of us set a formal dinner table with napkins, real dishes, and serving bowls?  This is part of elegance, even if we serve humble food.  In this modern day, home cooking is so rare that it is a treat!  It is also very frugal.

There is something very beautiful about being a creative homemaker.  It takes much time, thought, and effort.  We create a restful, pleasant place for our family and our guests when we take the time to create a touch of elegance in a charming home.

Mrs. White

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