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Flowers in Mrs. White's Kitchen

Today marks two months since I last visited here. I had hoped to return to blogging early this year.  We have had all kinds of trials since last November, but we are okay.  Health crises and urgent traveling have made it difficult for me to write here.   Things are getting better.  Early this year, our sixth grandchild was born!  We are so excited.  We feel very blessed.

It is very cold here and there is so much to do.  Last week, I had been traveling back from the city (a 2 hour drive) and I had to do the grocery shopping when I got home.  I knew I would have to carry heavy packages into the house. The wind was whipping cold freezing air, making the outdoors very difficult to endure.  It is in these moments when we have to tell ourselves, "toughen up!"  We have to "keep moving" and get the work done!  Once all has been accomplished, it is so wonderful to sit in a cozy house near the fireplace!

Tonight I made 2 batches of homemade pizza. Some I froze for later, the rest will feed the family.   I cleaned up all the mess and am looking forward to a good night's sleep.

Next week, I plan to get back to a regular routine of blogging.  I will try to write once a week.  Thank you for your patience, as I have been gone many weeks.  I hope all is well in your homes.

Mrs. White

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