Echoes of old Gospel Music

Mrs. White's Parlour Table

Last night, after I cleaned the kitchen, I sat by the fire and did some mending.  In the background I could hear the sounds of old gospel quartets singing "They'll be no disappointments" [in Heaven], "Keep Smiling," "I've Got a Mansion," and "Brother will you meet me there?"  This was coming from my kitchen radio.

Listening to these beautiful old songs from old time singers as I worked with my sewing needle gave me a sense of great peace and joy.

Sometimes I forget how wonderful it is to sing and to hear hymns. Sometimes I forget the words to old cherished songs from my hymnbook. I am grateful for CDs of old music and a CD player to hear them.

Still, nothing is better than a church congregation holding the old hymn books and singing together songs like, "Amazing Grace," and "Rock of Ages."

Bringing the culture of holiness, into one's home and daily life is a privilege.  It is a blessing.

My children and grandchildren are familiar with the old songs as I have them playing while I cook and bake in the kitchen. The echoes of old gospel music plays quietly in the background as we visit at the table over coloring books or a game of checkers.  The music is in my car as I go out on errands.

And when the house and my life are quiet. . . . sometimes, I still hear the memory of some precious song in my mind and heart. And it is the most sweetest, comforting echo of all.

Mrs. White

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