A Rainy Visit from the Estate

Flowers and Wagon Wheel at our Vermont Estate

It has been raining all day, here at the Estate.  I spent part of the afternoon with three of my grandchildren in one of the larger rooms in our home.  They loved to run over to a large picture window to look out at the falling rain on the front grounds.

These three grandchildren are ages 1, 2 and 3.  These are the ones who live right near us and I am able to spend much time with them. Our other four grandchildren do not live close by, so I only see them on occasion.

I listened to old gospel music on my kitchen radio for most of the day while I did my housework. Just puttering around the house, making beds, straightening chairs, washing counters, and making tea is a peaceful way of passing the time.  This sort of work is restful and a little break. Then I get back to the care and keeping of the family. I enjoy their noise and antics so much more!  I often tell the family that my "breaks" are actually doing the chores. Then I go back to sitting with them, reading to the babies, chatting with my husband and grown children and making sure they have all they need.

Yesterday I wanted to iron my son's shirt for church. When I went to set up the old ironing board, I noticed the "lock" which is supposed to hold it upright (in place) was broken. So I kept it closed and laid it out on a kitchen chair so I could do my ironing. I knelt beside it on the floor and, even though it was difficult work, I loved the scent of the iron and the feel of the warmth on the freshly ironed shirt.  I noticed there is another ironing board (which used to belong to my mother when she lived with us) in a downstairs closet. I will bring it up here and see if it works better than my old one.

I hope to bake some muffins early tomorrow morning.  I like to add a quarter cup of Quaker oats to my chocolate chip muffin recipe. It adds an extra dash of good health and heartiness.  I will send some downstairs to my grandbabies.  There will also be extra here in case one of my grown sons visits us. He is always looking in my kitchen for something special to eat when he is here!

I have been told it will be raining for much of the week.  This makes cozy blankets, parlour chairs, and good books extra special.   I hope to do a lot of reading. But I will most certainly take many "breaks" to do my homemaking chores!

Mrs. White

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