An Amish Bake Sale in Vermont

Warning to Cars: Horse and Buggy on this Vermont Road.

I was out for a ride, this weekend, with my daughter Amy and her children. We had a lovely time enjoying the scenery of our rural countryside.  Nestled in a charming mountain road, there is a new Amish settlement not far from our Estate, here in Vermont.  Each Saturday, they have a bake sale.

Bake Sale Sign at Amish Vermont Residence

The wooden sign looks very sturdy. There are boards on both sides. They are painted white. It looks like the words are painted on, neatly, with black. From what I understand, they have a bake sale all season long, each Saturday, through October.

The sale area is in their front yard. They have a large table set up with all the items for sale.  Above this is a simple canopy tent.  Here you can find a delicious selection of baked goods, including: bread, rolls, peanut butter cookies, and the most delicious, fresh, large donuts you could ever find!   They also have mason jars with apple butter, which tastes like apples and cinnamon and is wonderful for spreading on fresh bread or toast.

On the center of the table was a piece of notebook paper. On this was handwritten (in pen) all the baked goods available with a price beside each listing.  It was humbly done and very sweet.

A small jar of Amish apple butter.

I love how simple and plain the jar of apple butter is. There is a handwritten note, taped over the top of the jar. It says, "Apple butter  $2.50."

On this particular day, as I was standing at the table, I noticed several young children playing nearby. They were so sweet and adorable. Their clothing appeared to be "Old Order Amish."  There was also an 11 - month old baby sitting on the grass, being cared for by an older child.  They all looked so happy and content.

I complimented them on their delicious donuts. I was told they are made by "grandmother."  The landscape of the property and the outside of the home was lovely and pleasant. It was very well loved and cared for.  Vising there made me want to go home, get out my cookbooks and start baking and cleaning!

As we drove away, I was able to get a discreet photograph of the canopy tent (the sale area) from a distance.

Distant View of Amish Bake Sale

We will visit again!

Mrs. White

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