Busy Busy book review

 Board Book - Busy, Busy!

Author - Eileen Spinelli

Illustrator - Elina Ellis

Publisher - WorthyKids/Ideals 

Ages 2 - 5 years

I received a beautiful, quality children's book for review.  This is a board book that is durable for small children.  The illustrations are cheerful, pleasant to look at, and nicely colorful.

Each page contains one or two simple sentences, describing what a variety of different animals are doing.  Children will see a smiling bee who is making honey; a Mama bird teaching her baby bird to fly; and a puppy playing in the yard with a ball.  Several more animals are shown in very cute activities. The sentences have a nice flow of a simple rhyming style.  At the end of the book, we see a Mother and her son working together in the garden, with some of the animals nearby.  It is a cute ending and a sweet little book.

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