Happy Home Keeper

 Maureen O'Hara with her Mother in 1948.

It is so nice to be in charge of a home.  It is like being a hostess to all who enter.  We are responsible for many things. We do our best to keep the home nicely decorated and clean. We keep a watch on the kitchen pantry to ensure there is plenty of nutritious, economical food. We do our best to avoid waste and are inventive with our resources.

How nice it is to take a break from overseeing the many facets of home keeping to sit and visit with guests - family and friends who stop in from time to time!

One of the most important things I've found to do is to get up a little earlier than all the rest to get dressed and ready for the day.  I have more patience and kindness when I have some quiet moments to prepare for the day. Then I am ready to face whatever comes, with a cheerful attitude.

Yesterday I had spent a few hours doing paperwork, paying bills, and sorting the mail.  I also had to make phone calls about different matters of insurance and bills.  A few times, as I worked, I was anxious and upset. But I prayed and was able to quickly regain my composure. Bills and other such stresses are normal parts of our lives and there is nothing whatsoever to panic about.  All is well, while we do the paperwork. And all is well, when it is finished.

I had on a pretty apron and was all dressed up to stay home.  I baked and cooked and cleaned. I was delighted when company stopped by, and an outside project was started.  My boys were busy putting up a screened - in tent back by the river. It is delightful!

It is nice to take down the bedding, get it washed, and put fresh sheets on the beds.  It is also pleasant to wash curtains and freshen up the windows.  These are some of the pleasant jobs of home keeping.

I have hand-sewing projects put aside for those idle moments when I want to keep busy while resting at the same time.   Soon I hope to get an old sewing machine working so I can make little dresses for one of my granddaughters.

I have a wooden tray for lovely hospitality.  When guests are here (even if it is just extended family), I can use the tray to serve iced tea and brownies.  The tray is just a special way to add a touch of class to our lives. 

We dress and act in a classy way regardless of the noise and antics of a busy household. This bring an example of calmness and peace to those around us.  . .  We are the anchors of gentleness and grace in the home.

Whenever we have to go out, it is always nice to put on a pretty dress and a nice necklace.  This helps bring a bit of formality and elegance to our demeanor.  I recently heard of a sweet comment spoken by a butler who was in charge of young children in the home. This was in the 1960's.  They were getting ready to go out.  The Butler said (in his British accent), "One does not venture out into public dressed like a ragamuffin." (gentle smiles). Sometimes we just have to be reminded of good manners.

Of course, our clothing doesn't have to be expensive;  But clean and neat and decent is certainly necessary.  Just like our homes!  We don't need rich furnishings or rich foods. A homemade home is much more charming because it is made with creativity, love, and dedication!  A Home keeper ought to take pride in her home and the work she does there.

 A job worth doing ought to be done with all our might.

Mrs. White

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