A Joyful Time at Home

Visiting by the back fence at Mrs White's Vermont Estate

We had a nice rain today. It has helped bring some cool air to the Estate. I spent a great deal of time with some of my grandbabies this weekend. They brought so much excitement and noise into each room! And with their wonderful noise came a tornado of a mess. It was very precious. I tidied up as we visited.

One of the children saw me cleaning and wanted to help. He saw that working with Grandmother was fun. I gave him the dustpan and showed him how to clean up a small mess of crumbs from their snack.  Then when my back was turned, he ran over to several cans of playdough and picked it all up and put it away. He came running to hug me and tell me what he did. I was delighted and so proud!

Each time the children went out of one of the rooms for their lunch, or for a nap, or some time outdoors, I would work picking up books, cards, pillows and shoes. I was so grateful to have this mess as a reminder that my grandbabies were in my home and I had the honor of helping to care for them.

The main rooms were soon fresh and clean and ready for them to enjoy again, when the children returned. And yes, that meant more messes for me to clean. But what a joyful kind of mess to have to clean from little treasures!

When I need something done, I will ask one of the babies for help. "Will you close that door for me?" I ask the 2 year old, and she says, "Sure!" and runs to help me.  Or, I will ask one of the little ones to go to the sideboard table and get a napkin for the table. They love to help and feel proud of their "work."

 I have special books for little ones.  This afternoon, I sat with a 2 year old and read about a little boy who goes to church with his family. The baby loved to see all the pictures and enjoyed the story so much, she wanted to take it "home" with her.  (gentle smiles).  For me, I know that if the babies take the extra good books, I might never see them again because someone will surely rip them up, as babies are known to do.  But I was able to secretly "rescue" the book and put it back where it will be safe.

I also have "special" toys I keep here at my house, which I say belong to "Grandmother." I am happy to share them here, and the children can use them all they want when they are here, but they do not go home with anyone.  That way they stay special and the children look forward to playing with them here. This does, however, present some fun moments.

I have puzzles and books that did not cost much money and are easily replaced.  One of my grandsons was playing with a puzzle that he loved so much, he wanted to take it home.  When he found out it was okay with me, and that he could have it, he was so happy.  I often try to make sure I have something the children can keep.  When that is not possible, I try to have some baked goods or treats they will enjoy.

After the children are back in their own homes, it gets very quiet here at the Estate. But it is time for a much needed rest. I sleep and take many breaks so I am strong enough for company.  I try to always be ready for whenever we have visitors of little babies, children, and grandchildren. It is a joyful time to be home!

Mrs. White

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