Technical Difficulties

Screen Tent in the  Rain at Mrs. White's Estate

My boys set up a screen tent for me at the back of the Estate. It is right by my strawberry garden.  It is also near the rushing river that is on the edge of the property. It is a peaceful spot.

The first morning, the rain started to pour.  It was not many days or rainstorms that the tent finally caved in. (gentle smiles)  Each time it rained I tried to push the rain up off the roof from inside, but it was too heavy for me. When the boys were home, they fixed it very quickly. They are tall and strong, unlike me.

I have given up on the tent. It is on the ground at the moment.  It is too much work for me.  This is not something I can maintain. It is beyond my capabilities.  But I did enjoy the tent when I was able to use it.

I have been extremely worn out lately, not able to do very much at all.  It has been weeks since I have felt well.  I am having Technical difficulties.  Yet, I will not give up on myself.  I will not give in to this.

The other morning, I made a batch of muffins for breakfast.  I barely got started before I felt weak and worn out. I had to take many breaks. But finally, I got the muffins baked and was able to rest.

Yesterday, I forced myself to go to church.  It was a beautiful service, with a wonderful sermon. I loved it. We sang old time hymns from the hymn book.  We said prayers.  Then I went home to bed for most of the rest of the day. I was exhausted.

Each day, I will keep trying to get up. I will keep working at whatever I am able to do.  This will pass. It always does. Trials and troubles and sickness come to us all.  We should never give up.  We are called to "occupy" until the Lord comes.  We are to keep serving in our homes and families, even if we have to take many breaks.

I sat with some of the grandbabies late yesterday afternoon. We were out on the porch sitting on chairs, their Mother and I.  We visited and watched as the babies had a wonderful time. They brighten my days and keep me going.

I will get better. I have had many comebacks.  I have been knocked down many times. But I will get up again and all will be well. 

It is a sacrifice of self to help and care for others. It is tiring work to do for others, rather than living for self. It is an incredible honor to be about the Master's business. He will sustain us.  Then later, when our work is done, he will lead us to glory.

Mrs. White

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