An Afternoon Walk at the Estate

A river bordering the land at Mrs. White's Vermont Estate

The weather has cooled tremendously here in the mountains of Vermont.  The heat has been unbearable for me, so my walks on the grounds of our estate have been a rare treat this season.

This afternoon, I put on my "house coat" and started for the outdoors.  I love to wear a house coat rather than a sweater when I am at home.  It gives me a sense of peace and happiness. It is comforting to my children and grandchildren because they know that when I wear this, I am not going to leave the property for errands or appointments. It is a like a sign to say Mother is HOME.

There is a light breeze, and the sunshine in the bright areas give a gentle sense of warmth. The shady areas are also lovely to walk through.  I walked slowly around the property to see if there was any damage, or overgrowth of weeds.  One of my boys has been mowing our 2 acres and everything looks very nice.

My strawberry garden has been completely ignored for most of the summer. I haven't even looked at it in months.  I think it produced less than 5 strawberries for me, at the beginning of the season.  That is the reward I get for my neglect. (gentle smiles)

We have some trials and worries (as do we all) that we are trying to peacefully walk through.  I have to remember that I only have to face today. I can do it gracefully, with trust that my Heavenly Father will guide me through it.  I have a picture on my kitchen wall with a prayer that says, "Lord, help me to realize that nothing can happen today You and I can't handle."  It is encouraging!

I was so happy when I finished my walk and went back to the front porch. It was nice to get back inside and take a little break before it is time to start dinner.

No matter what is going on, there is a sense of security, a bit of serenity, to keep house and to be here as a wife and mother.  It strengthens our faith to just calmly walk along through life, doing our best to encourage and cheer the family.

The other day, I heard the sweetest message on a CD of Mrs. Lloys Rice. I believe she was around 80 years old at the time. She was the wife of evangelist Dr. John R. Rice and the mother of six wonderful daughters.  She said something about how she has depended on men her entire life.  She said she has depended on them to provide for her. She described her husband as very loving and kind to her.  She made an old fashioned, traditional marriage sound so precious.  She said she loved to just be at home and keep the home.  The message is called, "Patterns for Living," from "Sword of the Lord" ministry. She was speaking at a women's conference or a ladies tea of some sort.   (I believe Mrs. Rice passed into heaven in the late 1980's.)  Oh, how wonderful it is to reflect and to be encouraged from the saints of previous generations who greatly encourage us to continue on the old paths!

Mrs. White

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