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Mrs. White's Parlour in Vermont (This is the same photograph on the cover of one of my books.)

We had a lovely Thanksgiving Holiday.  It was so nice to have all the family home.  I was thinking about Black Friday this year. I have never in my life done Black Friday shopping, though some of my grown children have.  They love the excitement of it all.

I realized that this event was not even heard of during my childhood and early years of marriage.  It made me wonder what started it.  I was told that it did not take root nationwide until possibly the late 1980's?  Honestly, I don't really like how it has crept in to take away some of the Thanksgiving family time, with stores opening on Thanksgiving night. But I know there are many who do like it.  So I will just enjoy being home, and keeping the home, while family and friends venture off into the stores if they want to.  Mother will be here at home!

One thing that is extra special about the holidays is when everyone gets all dressed up in their church clothes. It is the perfect time to take pictures.  I don't share pictures very often, but I have one to share with you today.  This is me with my youngest (grown) child.  He gave me permission to share it!

Mrs. White with one of her Children On Thanksgiving Day 2016

I am wearing my favorite apron. It is my "dress up" apron. I made it several years ago, using a pretty burgundy calico fabric.  It is hand sewn using "See and Sew" pattern number B5125.   There are some adjustments to make when you hand sew rather than using a machine.  But it is nice to take one's time doing hand stitches while sitting and visiting with the family.

The other afternoon, I cut out some fabric to make a toddler dress for one of my grandbabies.  I will do a little sewing as I have time.  It is a nice project to keep me busy while "resting." (gentle smiles)

The last few weeks, my son (in the picture above) has been my chauffer. He has driven me to church. I don't like to drive, so I have been delighted that he has taken me.  He found a modern song that I like, which is "Bless the Lord - 10,000 reasons." by Matt Redman.  We listen to it  as he drives me on these rural roads to the country church.   This is the only modern Christian song that I have liked. I am so used to old gospel, from artists like "The Kingsmen Quartet" and "The Inspirations." I even love the gospel songs of Elvis Presley. So I was shocked to hear a modern one that I actually liked.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

Mrs. White

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