Beautiful Flowers

Flower arrangement on the sideboard table of Mrs. White's Home.
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 I absolutely love a pretty house.  Flowers add a special touch to make a home look elegant.  Usually I only buy fresh flowers in the summer, when they are marked down.  My favorites are pink carnations or mini roses.   They look lovely on tables, counters, or on a desk. 

When there are new flowers brought into the house, it makes me want to deep clean and get everything looking perfect to make sure the effect of the flowers is more powerful.

Flowers make me smile. 

Of course, since I cannot afford them very often, I gather wildflowers from our Estate when in season. For the rest of the year,  I rely on a few bunches of plastic (fake) ones in assorted vases.  These look lovely, and last for many years.

Yesterday I received a gorgeous flower arrangement which sits in an elegant container.  I placed it on my sideboard table in the parlour (see photo above).   Each time I walk into the room, I am reminded of the decorations in the lovely home of "Emily Gilmore."

My new flower arrangement consists of Roses, Mums, and Hydrangeas with the color scheme called, "Rose Cream."  It is called a "Silk Plant" from

I received this item for review purposes and am delighted with them.  They also have outdoor artificial plants. One that looks really good to me is the potted pink azaleas!

One of the places you can follow this company is on twitter.  They recently shared a post about orchids and roses, with a beautiful photograph!

You'll also see many pictures of their products on their Pinterest page.

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