All Dressed Up to Keep House

Library of Congress:  May 1942, California Housewife

One of the nicest things we can do to make home a happy place is to get dressed up.  It was common for housewives to put on a pretty "house" dress and a nice apron each morning.   The work of vacuuming, polishing furniture, and straightening drapes is much more fun to do when one looks pretty and has a pleasant attitude.

I have a lilac - scented candle that sets a nice mood during the day for when I am cleaning or cooking.  Somehow, those little extra efforts of making the house look nice, and making oneself look extra pretty, brings a cheerfulness to the home.

Right now it is considered "mud season" here in rural Vermont.  The outdoors are not very pretty and that can get us down.  It is so important to take some time to make the indoors look inviting and cared - about.  If we take the time to brighten our appearance and the appearance of our homes, it will help prevent those depressing feelings we can get when there isn't enough fresh air and sunshine.

Mrs. White

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