Spring Work at the Estate

Spring 2017 in Rural Vermont: This picture was taken down the road from our Estate.

We have been walking the property seeing all the work that needs to be done.  Some of us did part of the raking.  The grounds had been so neglected last season that we still have our 2 acres covered in leaves from last fall.  It is heavy work getting it cleaned up.  I worked for about 15 minutes before I had to stop. I simply do not have the muscle for it!  But I will keep trying on each sunny day!

Some of our grown children have been working to help with the yard work.  We also have plans to plant more wildflowers since they take little effort and not much care.

I hope to get out to the back grounds and clean up my little strawberry garden sometime this afternoon. I will wear my gardening gloves and take the rake with me to gently remove old leaves and such.

The grass here is not quite green.  It is only starting to wake up from the winter. We often have frost on the ground into May, but we may have plenty of green at the same time.

John (19) and I were driving down our country road and saw some little ducks swimming in a flooded bit of land.  They looked so peaceful with a beautiful view of the mountains in the background.  John got a picture of the scene for me to share here with you.  Sometimes I forget how pretty the land is here and how grateful we are to live here.

Mister and I walked a bit around the house and noticed many repairs that must happen this summer. We have neglected them for so long, it has almost become a crisis.   There is some rotting wood around lower window frames and our peeling paint that has been ignored more than 10 years must be addressed. There is very little money to pay for such things and since Mister is disabled, and I know nothing about such things, we will have to find some way to get this work done. 

This large old house is very shabby and neglected these past couple of years.  But it is a dearly loved, humble dwelling place that I love.

I have not heard any birds chirping outside yet this season.  Once I do hear them, I will be so happy, knowing spring is really here!

Have a wonderful Easter!

Mrs. White

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