A Weak Gardener

White dogwood tree near river at Mrs. White's Estate

I have a new white dogwood tree on the back grounds.  My boys bought it as a Mother's day gift for me.  They planted it back by the rushing river.  It is a beautiful spot.

Today I walked out back to work on my strawberry garden.  Mister planted it for me a few years ago.  It always produces some nice fruit for me each season.  This year I have a little white fence around it.

I cleared some more leaves and did a little weeding.  It is tiring work.  I used to be stronger and able to endure much more.  Now I am a "weakling" and have to pace myself in any labor I attempt to undertake.  (gentle smiles.)

After a short time, I thought it would be nice to have my bench nearby to sit and take breaks under the shade tree.

My son-in-law gladly moved our bench, from the front grounds to the back property, late this afternoon.  It is right near my strawberries.  It looks inviting.

Strawberry garden and a bench for resting at Mrs. White's Estate

I managed to clean up a small portion of the garden.  I hope to work on it again on the next sunny day.  The fresh air and pretty landscape helped bring me some cheerfulness.  We have had a long, difficult winter. 

Now I am back indoors for a tea- and- cookie break.


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