Beautiful Devotion after the Rain

This picture was taken down the street from our Vermont Estate, just after the rain, a few days ago.
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I have been reading old books like "The Flower of the Family," by Elizabeth Prentiss (1800's) and "Choice Stories for the Family" (1905).  The second book is full of short fictional stories and beautiful poems for the edification of the family. It has been a time of precious devotion.

I was out on errands with my 19 year old son, John, after several days of rain. As we were nearing home, he noticed a rainbow in the sky.  I pulled the car over and took the picture (above).  It is so peaceful looking, and reminds us of the promises of the Lord.

This morning, I came across a poem by Horatius Bonar in a 1905 book. I thought it would be perfect to put on the photograph.  Horatius Bonar was a minister during the 1800's in Scotland. He also wrote many hymns and poems. His writings are incredible and provide great spiritual nourishment for the soul.

Mrs. White

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