A Louisa May Alcott Winter

Library of Congress:  Orchard House, 1910 - Home of Louisa May Alcott - Concord Massachusetts 

Here in rural Vermont, the bitterly cold winters remind me of life in Concord Massachusetts as described by 1800's author, Louisa May Alcott in her beloved book, "Little Women."

To cheer myself up during these long winter days, I like to read literature from an earlier era to see how others have lived while often snowed - in or kept indoors because of the cold New England days.

I have often read "The Long Winter" and other Laura Ingalls Wilder books. But this winter, I am focusing on the sweet stories of Miss Alcott.  Last year I read "An Old Fashioned Girl."  I enjoyed hearing how visits were made on Winter afternoons and the guests would sit by the fire in a lovely home.

I just watched the movie "Little Women" which showed a beautiful house in Concord.  The interior was humble and lovely.  There are fireplaces in most of the rooms.  Pretty wallpaper makes the home look cozy and sweet.  The girls wear pretty coats and shawls.  They make an old fashioned home, especially in winter, look inviting and peaceful.

Our Estate here consists of 14 rooms.  Many of them are large and a bit chilly.  Some are too cold to spend much time in, so we close them off and try to avoid them until spring.  Our wood pellet stove in the upstairs parlour makes the home so pleasant and warm.  We also have other sources of heat, such as electric and kerosene, along with a wood stove on the main floor.  I have often thought of this house as a humble, Jane Austen, English estate.  This winter I shall think of it as a dignified home similar to Orchard House owned by the Alcott family.   One must find a way to cheer along dreary days with happy thoughts!

I very much enjoy reading about how New England families, in the 1800's, passed the time at home during the winter.   We have our Bible time each evening.  We also enjoy table games, singing, and do a lot of reading.

I have been baking a great deal the last couple of weeks.  This helps warm up some of the rooms and provides treats for the family to enjoy.

I will be doing a lot of mending, sewing, and writing during this cold season.  Our most difficult months are January and February. These are bitterly cold and can be depressing at times.  I will focus on the happy stories of Miss Alcott and enjoy our home as if it were a dear old home in Concord Massachusetts.

Mrs. White

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