Christmas Baking

It has been snowing steadily for days here in rural Vermont.  It is so pretty, especially this time of year.  The temperature outside was 10 degrees yesterday when I ventured out for an errand.  Inside, it is cozy and pleasant by the fire.

I just made a batch of sugar cookie dough.   I wrapped it in wax paper and placed it in a bowl to cool in the refrigerator.  I will make the cookies much later today.  I have bell shaped cookie cutters, which are my favorite.  I have red and green sugar sprinkles to decorate with.

I am just about to make Christmas fudge.  It is just plain chocolate fudge made using a recipe on the label of Carnation Evaporated milk.  It doesn't take long, but it requires standing by the stove and working quickly before pouring into a pan to cool.  I have to make sure no one calls me on the phone, or walks in for a visit, or else I will lose my concentration. Everyone has to be settled before Mother makes the fudge. (gentle smiles)

I am just doing a few, basic things to bring cheer to the family. I don't have the energy to do anything time consuming or elaborate.

I have some pretty rose colored carnations in a jar on my sideboard table. This sits on a red table runner. It looks festive.

I have a couple of presents for some of the grandchildren sitting on the floor near my rocking chair in the parlour. When the children come upstairs to visit me later today, I will let them "find" these gifts. I will smile and tell them, "Oh, well you may as well open them, of course."  They will be so happy!  It is just warm, new pajamas for each of them.

Some of the children and grandchildren will visit over the Christmas vacation.  I have a small present for each grandbaby.  No matter how cold it gets, or how grumpy and tired some of us can be, we hope to attend the Christmas service at church. (gentle smiles)

I am busy sewing a couple of aprons and doing some crocheting, which keeps me busy while I sit on the parlour couch and visit with the family.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a joyful time with your families.  If Mother is happy and cheerful, the family cannot help but cheer up and smile too!  Besides, our happiness is not based on anyone else's mood or troubles. It is based on the joyful peace we have as a child of God.

Mrs. White

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