Tea Napkins

Grandbaby's Tea Set and handmade napkins at Mrs. White's House

Last month, I found some beautiful Christmas Fabric.  I planned to make myself an apron.  I have been working on it, little by little, over the last several weeks.  I hand-sew because it is easier for me, even if it takes much longer than a sewing machine.

Part of Mrs. White's Apron, made with Christmas Fabric

I thought this material was so pretty and cheerful. I wish my local store carried more, but they only had about 2 yards, and then it sold out.

My three -year old granddaughter saw me hand-sewing the  lovely material and asked me to make her something with it.  I would have loved to make her a little apron, but there just was not enough material.  However, there was enough for some tea napkins.

Grandbaby loves Grandmother's napkins. I keep a pretty box of them on a hutch in our front parlour. She helps me set the table for meals, and for tea time.  I have plain linen napkins, paper ones, and some homemade ones.  Her favorite napkins are pink linen which were a gift from a dear friend.  Whenever she reaches for those, I hear her older brother call out to me, "Me'me!  She is getting into your tea napkins again!"

I thought she would love a set of miniature napkins for her toy tea set, which is kept here at our house.  The Christmas fabric would be lovely for this.  There was just enough material to make four little squares.  All I had to do was hand-sew the hems around each of them.

I put them in a Christmas tin, along with her plastic tea set.  She can use them anytime she likes, and then put it all away in the pretty tin.

I have not finished my apron yet. Baby's tea napkins came first. (gentle smiles)

Mrs. White

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